Best Car Repair Payment Plans in 2017

Your car conks out.  It won’t start.  You bang your hand on the steering wheel in frustration.  It is stressful, you don’t know how serious it could be.  At the very least, you need to get to work.  Perhaps, Uber is your best choice now.  But how to pay to get your car fixed? You need fast cash now without delay.

Strangely enough, you may be able to improve your credit by choosing an installment loan to pay for car repairs.  Hit two birds with one stone–get the proceeds to repair your car and improve your credit.  An installment loan can provide from $1000 to $50,000 with fast approval and lightening quick funding.  $35,000 is a common loan amount.  Payments to repay the loan, have low interest rates and are paid over time.  Many installment loans are paid back over one to five years.  The beauty of an installment loan is having the payment deducted from your checking account month after month can rebuild your credit with car repair payment plans.

Payment Assistance For Car Repair with Quick Cash

There are other emergencies that can occur and require quick cash to repair them.  We were renting a house that had only one bathroom.  Tree roots interfered with the plumbing and blocked the sewer outflow.  A property is not inhabitable without a working bathroom.  We had to go to a hotel, with our child and pets.  Our landlord didn’t like it but we were within our rights due to the nonfunctioning bathroom.  He needed an infusion of fast cash.

When you need quick cash, there are several large providers that offer loans.  Nearly all of these are online and have an online application and approval process.  This streamlines all that goes into the approval and getting you your cash. An online company won’t have the overhead costs that a storefront will have. Online companies are in a position to charge less.  It is a good idea to shop around and compare interest rates.  We understand, that with car repairs, you may not have the luxury of time.  So when you need money now, it can make sense to go with an online installment loan company to get you your cash fast.

Installment loan providers are making unsecured loans.  The loan is not based on an asset, such as a car or house, which would allow the Lender to repossess the asset if you didn’t pay.  To restore their confidence that you will pay them back, they have several requirements.  They are: you must work full time; you must make at least $1500 per month; you agree to arrange for direct deposit to your bank account; and you are at least 18 years old.

Installment loans can provide quick approval and lightening speed funding.  An online provider might offer better interest rates.  It pays to compare.  Loans are available in amounts from $1000 – $50,000.  $35,000 is a loan amount often advertised.  Payments are over time, often paid over one to five years.  Paying them back from a direct deposit bank account can satisfy a provider requirement and rebuild your credit.  And, that is a very good thing!