RaulGrijalvaI want to sincerely thank the Progressive Democrats of America community for standing up and supporting the Progressive Caucus’s vision for a more just and equitable America. You may hear some saying “no one cares about budget resolutions right now because they won’t pass,” but you understand that budgets are more than a piece of paper. A budget lays out the priorities of the Members of Congress who support it and represents one of our best chances to stand with working America. The importance of speaking up for Americans who have been shut out of the big-money political game cannot be overstated.

The Budget for All stands in stark contrast to the Republican budget and offers Americans a clear choice. Progressives have a common-sense plan to get Americans back into good paying jobs, reign in our out of control wars and defense spending and save critical social programs that break the perpetual cycle of poverty, while reducing the national deficit at the same time. Conservatives don’t. Instead they want to end the Medicare guarantee, slash social programs, and continue to throw money into outdated weapon systems, all to put even more money in the pockets of the 1%. It is critical for the American people to understand the difference, and you stood with us from the beginning to help make it happen.

Thank you for working so hard with the events, brown bag vigils, emails and calls to make sure that Congress and millions of working Americans understand the importance of this moment and what is at stake.

Your partner in the fight,

Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva
Co-Chair, Congressional Progressive Caucus

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