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 Mike Johanns (R)    @SenatorReid
 Deb Fischer (R)    @SenatorFischer
 Jeff Fortenberry (R-01)    @JeffFortenberry
 Adrian Smith (R-03)    @RepAdrianSmith
 Lee Terry (R-02)    @LEETERRYNE

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Using the map on the left, click on your state to display a complete list of Senators and Representatives. If your Senators and Representatives are signed on to the ERA 3 State bills, the bill number will appear beside their name (we update this information as soon as we hear through social media or our phone calls that a Representative or Senator has signed onto the legislation - this is the most up to date list in the country). If there is no bill number next to the name, we need to contact these members and ask them to cosponsor the legislation. You can send them a Tweet by clicking on their Twitter handle or you can click on their name and go to their Website to send them an email.

Some legislators require more coaxing than others and you may just need to get a friend and pay a visit to their local office. If you use our Educate Congress tool, we will see that you are visiting their local office and we will pay a visit in Washington, DC.

ERA supporters will deliver letters asking their Senators and Representatives to support Removal of the Ratification deadline for the Equal Rights Amendment. The bills were introduced in the 113th Congress on May 9th (SJ Res 15 and HJ Res 43). 

If you create a new event, please enter your state followed by your Representative or Senator's name. We have entered July 17th as the sample delivery date; feel free to change the date and time.Bring a friend with you and plan to educate a young staffer on the true state of equality for women in the United States. You will need the Name and District of your Representative; use this link to Find your Legislator.

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