Healthcare for All/Single Payer

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It is a moral outrage for a country as wealthy as ours to leave 50 million people with no reliable access to health care and tens of millions more with inadequate or overly expensive coverage. That health care is a basic human right is not in question. This human right is codified in international declarations to which America has been a signatory for more than 60 years. Furthermore, this human rights concept lies at the core of every faith tradition that exists in humanity. We believe, in the words of health care reformer Tommy Douglas, “that people are more important than profits and man is more important than money”. Also as observed by Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr. “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.”

In addition, despite spending nearly twice as much as other developed nations on health care, our system performs poorly, because the private U.S. insurance bureaucracy soaks up as much as one-third of all the money and pharmaceutical interests overburden America by avoiding price competition. The real costs of poor health and poor healthcare are human death and suffering.

PDA supports enhanced Medicare for All by replacing private insurers and recouping administrative savings amounting to hundreds of billions each year and instead using those funds to expand universal and equitable access to a single standard of high-quality care for all without financial barrier. This publically financed system would rely on progressive financing and would be privately and publically delivered by healers and hospitals. But a system financed by the public —with no bills, no co-pays, no deductibles, and no medically precipitated bankruptcies – the U.S. economy, its states, and individual communities would also be strengthened. PDA also supports healthcare initiatives at the state and local level that move us toward this non-profit unified health care system.

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