PDA Issue Organizing Teams (IOTs) are virtual chapters of self-selected PDA members which create PDA issue positions, and develop action strategies for impacting policy.

End Wars and Occupations: "War is not the answer, for only love can conquer hate." -- Marvin Gaye.
PDA opposes all wars and occupations. Join with PDA opposing the military industrial complex, and its culture of death and deprivation. Help us challenge our elected officials to dramatically reorder our budgetary priorities. We reject austerity policies. We need deep cuts to the Pentagon budget--not essential programs that meet human needs.

Economic and Social Justice: "Americans everywhere must and shall choose the path of social justice." -- Franklin D. Roosevelt.
PDA supports stimulating the economy through public investment, a financial transactions tax, and job creation. We support legislation to end poverty, homelessness and discrimination on account of race, gender, sex, national origin, and immigration status. Tax policies must ease burdens on middle class and working people. The top 1% must pay their fair share. We demand a living wage and rights to organize for all workers, as well as childcare and housing assistance.

End Corporate Rule: "Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow." -- Abraham Lincoln.
PDA seeks to restore democratic balance and end corporate dominance in our society. Corporate special interests frustrate popular will whenever we seek sensible healthcare, environmental, economic, or foreign policies. Corporate lobbyists and donors continually block reform. We support legislation and constitutional amendments to reassert these basic truths: "Corporations are not people, and money is not speech."

Stop Global Warming: "Its effects are giving rise to a frighteningly new global phenomenon: the man-made natural disaster." -- Barack Obama.
PDA demands immediate action to address global warming and to protect the environment including a carbon tax, promoting green energy use, and sustainability. Carbon-based energy is causing irreparable harm in extraction--mountain-top coal, fracking, and shale oil. Its use is causing rising sea levels, melting glaciers, more violent storms, and drought.

Healthcare for All/Single Payer: "Bring America in line with other modern democracies in providing single payer health care." -- Dennis Kucinich.
PDA supports expanded, improved Medicare for All. Replacing private insurers would recoup administrative savings of up to $300 billion per year. A single payer system would provide high quality healthcare to everyone--privately delivered and publicly financed--with no bills, co-pays, deductibles, denials, or medical bankruptcies.

Clean, Fair, Transparent Elections: "Voters want to know that elections will be conducted fairly and accurately." -- Senator Bill Nelson.
PDA supports Clean Money public campaign financing, free TV time for candidates, Instant Runoff, proportional voting, voting rights for those who've served their time, and paper ballots. PDA opposes all violations of voting rights and touch screen voting machines, as well as the Citizens United and the Buckley v. Valeo decisions which incorrectly held that money is speech and corporations can spend unlimited money to influence elections.

Stop Voter Suppression/Democracy Restoration Act
In the United States, an estimated 5.3 million adult citizens are currently disenfranchised as a result of a criminal conviction, nearly four million of whom are living and working in the community. While 15 states and the District of Columbia already restore voting rights upon release from prison, 35 states continue to restrict the voting rights of people who are no longer incarcerated. Potentially an additional 21 million American citizens who are seniors, students, poor or people of color may be disenfranchised because of American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) voter suppression bills.

This Action Group is dedicated to fighting voter suppression and passing the Democracy Restoration Act. The Democracy Restoration Act will restore voting rights in federal elections to nearly four million Americans who are out of prison and living in the community; ensure that people on probation never lose their right to vote in federal elections; and notify people about their right to vote in federal elections when they are leaving prison, sentenced to probation, or convicted of a misdemeanor.

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