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PDA 10th Anniversary - Join us in Northampton on May 10th


Join Jim Hightower, Tom Hayden, Ben Day, Mimi Kennedy,
Thom Hartmann, Cole Stangler, Medea Benjamin, Andrea Miller
Rep. Jim McGovern, Tim Carpenter, Mark Dudzic and
John Nichols


PDA Radio

  • Meet Ronny Richards - Apr 18,2014

    Ronny Richards is a Congressional candidate in the Ohio Second District. His service as a U.S. Army medic in Vietnam and his keen sense of history have shaped his perspective that U.S. military intervention should be approached cautiously. He...

  • PDA 10th Anniversary - Apr 18,2014

    Join PDA Political Director, Steve Cobble and Board Chair Mimi Kennedy as they discuss PDA the first 10 years and what the future holds for the progressive PAC.

  • Meet Andy Shallal - Dec 20,2013

    Meet progressive restaurant owner Andy Shallal who will be talking about his plan for Washington, DC. Andy is a husband, father, and grandfather who lives in Adams Morgan. (Read Andy's Story here.) Entrepreneur Andy is an artist, social entrepreneur...

  • Meet DAndre Teeter - Nov 05,2013

    D'Andre Teeter is a founding Member of October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation. He is also the Bay Area Organizer for the Stop Mass Incarceration Network and a contributor to Revolution...

  • Jesse Frierson - Oct 28,2013

    Meet Jesse Frierson, Executive Director of Virginia Alliance Against Mass Incarceration.

  • Meet Kamala Lopez - Oct 11,2013

    Kamala Lopez is a filmmaker, actress and Yale graduate who is presently directing The E.R.A. Education Project, a national media campaign to raise awareness about the Equal Rights Amendment and of the importance of gender equality under Federal...

  • Meet Brett Hulme - Sep 27,2013

    Brett is a 23+ year dues paying member of the Office & Professional Employees Union Local 277 which has a collective bargaining agreement with American Income Life Insurance Company. Brett became a delegate to the Savannah Regional Central Labor...

  • Conversation with Progressive Majority - Sep 20,2013

    Bernie Horn, Senior Advisor for the Public Leadership Institute and the Progressive Majority Action Fund, has worked in politics for more than 25 years as a lawyer, lobbyist, political consultant, policy director, and communications trainer....

  • David Robin - GA Democratic Values Project - Sep 13,2013

    The Georgia Democratic Values Project was established in Georgia in November 2010. Its mission is to develop progressives' ability to express our values and to frame issues in terms of those values. This is done in several ways: On our website,...

  • Join Dana and Joseph Siegelman - Aug 30,2013

    Join Dana and Joseph Siegleman as they discuss their efforts to free their father, former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman - an American political prisoner. Visit the Website and sign the petition. You can amplify your...

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