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  • The Chicano Chronicles

    Host Jacque DelRio talks with Andrea Miller, PDA National Co-Executive Director and Joel Segal, former Legislative Aide to Rep. John Conyers about institutional racism in America, media and communities of color and the Detroit Water Shut Offs...

  • The Chicano Chronicles

    Host Jacque DelRio with special guests Monica Patrick Lewis of the Detroit Water Brigade and We the People of Detroit.and Ben Ptashnik, National Coordinator of the National Election Integrity Coalition. Tune in to get the latest news on the...

  • Detroit Water Shutoffs

    Special guests Monica Patrick Lewis, We the People of Detroit and the Detroit Water Brigade and Ben Zion Ptashnik Monica Lewis Patrick is a mother, organizer, educator, entrepreneur, activist, mentor and motivational speaker. She is the founder...

  • The Chicano Chronicles

    Host Jacque DelRio - Special Guest today is Rafael Bautiste Rafael Bautista was going to put his young daughter's feet into the ocean for the first time when he was approached by a couple of ‘not so nice' cops. What happened next was another...

  • Mississippi Freedom Summer 2014

    In the summer of 1964, hundreds of summer volunteers from across America convened in Mississippi to put an end to the system of rigid segregation. The civil rights workers and the summer volunteers successfully challenged the denial by the state...

  • The Chicano Chronicles

    Host Jacque DelRio

  • The Chicano Chronicles

    Host Jacque DelRio interviews guests Chris Silva (brother of slain David Silva) and their attorney David Kohn.

  • The Progress Report

    Join Andrea Miller and Jacque DelRio for a look at the Chicano Community and the Democratic Party. The DNC believes that states like Texas will soon turn blue because of the large number of potential Hispanic voters. Who are these voters and...

  • Spiritual Activism

    The Rev. Dr. Sid Gates is an ordained Presbyterian (USA) minister and licensed marriage and family therapist (partner) in a private psychotherapy practice in Augusta, GA. He was conferred degrees from the University of Georgia (B.A.), Valdosta...

  • Meet Jacque Gonzalez

    Introducing our newest show, The Chicano Chronicle

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