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  • People Demanding Action on Climate with Rev. Yearwood

    Hip Hop Caucus CEO and founder Rev. Lennox Yearwood will discuss the People's March on Climate, green jobs and the climate crisis. Rev. Yearwood will interview special guests and discuss the upcoming massive march in New York City.

  • Why Military Women Need the ERA

    Diana Danis was the first military woman writing and anchoring radio news on the American Forces Network, Europe in 1974. Danis highlighted the accomplishments of women in the military during her tenure. She pushed members of Congress to investigate...

  • The Chicano Chronicles

    Guest is Chief Tom Dostou of the Algonquin tribe. Chief Tom discusses Federally recognized tribes vs. non-Federally recognized tribes, incarceration rates in the Indian nation and other topics with host Jacque DelRio

  • Meet Robert Dawkins

    Robert Dawkins has worked as a grassroots organizer for a number of years, conducting organizing campaigns in Houston and Atlanta for ACORN before becoming their Head Organizer in Charlotte. He has also consulted on various grassroots campaigns...

  • The Chicano Chronicles

    Host Jacque DelRio interviews Joel Segal former staffer for Rep. John Conyers. Joel is the author of HR 676 (Expanded and Improved Medicare for All) and the co-author of HR 1000 (Humphrey Hawkins Full Employment and Training Act).

  • Meet Lawrence Gaughan - Candidate in VA-05

    Lawrence Gaughan is the Democratic nomine for Congress from the Virginia 5th District. He was born in the heart of Virginia’s 5th Congressional district. A native of Charlottesville, he is the founder of the non-partisan, non-profit organization,...

  • The Chicano Chronicles

    Main stream media and communities of color

  • The Chicano Chronicles

    Host Jacque DelRio interviews former Vermot State Senator Ben Ptashnik on the Detroit Water Shutoffs and the election of the Detroit Mayor.

  • The Chicano Chronicles

    Host Jacque DelRio talks with Andrea Miller, PDA National Co-Executive Director and Joel Segal, former Legislative Aide to Rep. John Conyers about institutional racism in America, media and communities of color and the Detroit Water Shut Offs...

  • The Chicano Chronicles

    Host Jacque DelRio with special guests Monica Patrick Lewis of the Detroit Water Brigade and We the People of Detroit.and Ben Ptashnik, National Coordinator of the National Election Integrity Coalition. Tune in to get the latest news on the...

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